Long Time Reader, First Time Writer

I’m not from around here, but I’m reaching out, and I want to share a few thoughts with you. I have spent the last three years studying […] Three years at this place and I still haven’t settled in, and I don’t just mean the university, I haven’t been able to settle comfortably into anything.

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Creator of the Month: Alejandra Lopez Martin

For 2019’s first Creator of the Month, Phi Magazine is proud to interview Alejandra Lopez Martin – a young filmmaker, musician, and director of the production company Skateaway Pictures – which she recently founded. Phi Magazine had the pleasure of reviewing her recent film debut Capital of Pain in our latest print issue.

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Mississippi Mud Pie

I have always avoided making pies. No, seriously. I scroll through pretty food Instagram pages salivating at these gorgeous-looking pies which always seem to appear so perfect, despite the fact that pie pastry can be a baker’s worst nightmare!

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Playlist of the Month: Smooth Sailing

Obviously these are all just songs that I like, they mean some shit to me, and most of them can calm me down when I’m either 1) on the brink of an existential crises 2) about to punch a random for ordering a Guinness at the end of a long list of drinks.

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