Urban Profiles: Rodrigo Autric (@midnaday)

Rodrigo Autric is an up and coming Spanish photographer currently based in London. Phi was lucky enough to interview him as part of our Urban Profiles series in our Urban Issue, chatting about his growth as a photographer, his quirky pictures, and what life is like in London.

The photos you take are vibrant and often humorous (this is quite a juxtaposition to how many view city life!) – where do the ideas for these images come from? Do they reflect your own views of urban landscapes and the people in them?

I think it’s just a reflection of my personality. As a very goofy, absurd and silly person who nonsensically roams around the world, it makes sense that my photos reflect some sort of awkward invasion of space or a wacky and ridiculous situation. That’s when I shoot street photography, for the other sort of styles I practice, I tend to be more thoughtful, sensible and you could even say spiritual. I find city life, especially in London, very crazy and even demented. Everyone is kind of dead in London, and honestly it’s depressing. We’re human beings, not robots. Modern society has consumed our souls to the point where people are only driven by money and superficiality, to the point where people don’t have feelings and can’t really talk to other people. With street photography, I try to portray the breaking out of that, with wacky characters, colours, magic, humour… It’s a way to keep me out of the box!

You’ve taken photos both in Madrid and London, how do you find your technique changes in response to the different urban environments?

Madrid has a very special light and temperature, while London is very grey and often unbearably cold. Throughout the year, I don’t tend to take pictures in London, unless I feel a supernatural push to do so.I usually have an idea in my head, which I will chase after on the street, wherever I am. I depend on the different places’ people to change the perspective and concept of the photo!

Do people treat you differently when you interact with them with a camera?

Yes! That’s for sure. Some tell me off and shout, and others just stare at me, confused and bewildered, especially when I shoot them with a flash from less than a metre away. Everything is really awkward, and I absolutely love that. The key is to never look back or reply, but just keep walking. Hate it or love it, God bless the game.

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What’s the best song(s) to edit your photos to?

That’s a hard one, but I’ll go for the Globglogabgalab and some ‘Lovesick Blues’ by Lil Hank Williams. Apart from that, while editing I enjoy listening to The Beatles, 50’s and 60’s stuff, Nina Simone, Bobby Caldwell, Greg Phillinganes and lately some ‘sexistential’ Brad Stank. Oh and I’m obsessed with ‘Loving You’ by Minnie Riperton right now. Ana, my girlfriend, and I share a playlist on Spotify, the oh so holy ‘Phunky Ass’. That’s where she shows me the goodies!

What is your go to place in London?

Honestly (and this is pretty sad), my room. That’s where the magic happens!

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one of my first ever photos ❤️

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Do you have any future projects planned?

Oh boy, in terms of photography I’m cooking some stuff in the oven, and in not too long I’ll announce it! And also, I will be working very closely with a new clothing brand called Vibora Hills. I’ll do some very dreamy portraits and a lookbook too!

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