The Sea of Time and Space

by Alejandra López

The promise of glory
Tattooed on your skin, on mine
You know I’ve been here before
And I could’ve sworn the lines were right

I gave the light that would
help me out of the forest
To men like you
Every time is real
Every time the last
I have nine lives to live too
I’ve given out my second fast

Will I die this time?


Empty, covers of dark blue waves,
Ocean, deep nothing

Empty, sprawling branches of earth hue names,
Nature, grotesque nothing

Empty. Empty cup, finished tea,
The stab of dusk, liberating nothing

Empty. Royal promise, loyal promise, clergy promise
A result of nothing.


Ruffles of roots, make the man I crush someone I would understand
Angels suffer, angels envy
Angels are away, all of us.

I collect feathers,
White feathers, black feathers, poem feathers, music feathers
Put them in a box
Use them as bookmarks
I write with black ink
The feathers are useful
they help me grow deep

With the rests of tortured martyrs
I’m building my own wings