Playlist of the Month: Smooth Sailing

by Max Thackara, with art by Amelia Steane

Obviously these are all just songs that I like, they mean some shit to me, and most of them can calm me down when I’m either 1) on the brink of an existential crises 2) about to punch a random for ordering a Guinness at the end of a long list of drinks. Come on, man, everyone knows you order the Guinness first. Fucking hell. But all songs can mean things to all people – the lyrics, the melodies, those little riffs that you’re certain only you can hear, they’ll mean shit to you too, I hope. I’ve picked a few of my favourite lyrics from the songs I’ve chosen.

Firstly, “Hard to answer, yes, I agree” from You’re a Lady by Peter Skellern. I swear he chokes on that line, and with the swell of the brass instruments, it’s just the best. Secondly, “And I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time” from Wichita Lineman by Glenn Campbell, right up there in a long list of songs one wishes to play to a significant other – at some point anyway. Thirdly, “I cannot face this world that’s falling down on me” from A Man Without Love – we’ve all been there, my dude. We’ve all been there. Lastly, my absolute favourite for its pure honesty, “Ew, turn out the light!” – from Morning Light by Justin Timberlake. What I believe is the best, most accurate lyric ever, and from JT as well. What more could you want?

Here’s the full list, at the end is a Christmas one as well, maybe one you haven’t heard! Enjoy.

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