Playlist of the Month: Phi 343

by Pilar Serrano, with art by Aneta Swianiewicz

This compilation takes off at 343m/s to ease ears into the meteorological transition we encounter in our long-lost friend routine. To kick it off, is Dire Strait’s “Walk of Life”, an indispensable song. A spirited Mark Knopfler, singing about a content young musician making a living playing in the underground, never fails to cheer you up when the chips are down.

Along the same path is The Beatle’s 1964 “I Feel Fine”, a more romantic motif, because requited love is the perfect excuse to boogie. In different and more contemporary circumstances, Superorganism’s “Everybody wants to be famous” has the same effect with their quirky ode to internet fame.

As a wink to All Hallow’s Eve is “Bones” by Alexandra Saviour, incorporating a subtle and eerie note to the playlist. Saviour is a 23-year-old American musician who was taken under The Arctic Monkey’s, Alex Turner’s wing to produce her “Belladonna of Sadness”. Turner has described her vocals as “being in the middle of the desert and being abducted and opening into a desert realm”. No other commentary would do them a more just depiction.

Other women breaking into the industry included in the compilation are Hinds and London-born la lune. Hinds with their light-hearted, garage and ramshackle melodies have already played multitudinary festivals Glastonbury and Rock in Rio. La lune, who conceals her identity beneath this pseudonym leaves you feeling nostalgic yet hopeful with her dreamy electro-pop.

Other little pearls include 70s instrumental track “Tide”, an unconventional find which takes you on an edgy bossa nova journey and Mac de Marco’s mellow “Honey Moon”. All in all, after having a taste of “Phi 343” don’t forget to have another one; melt into the alchemy of music, and you might just stumble upon a new-found treasure.

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