Creator of the Month: Thea Elmsley

Meet Thea Elmsley, a 2nd Year at Edinburgh University, who runs the Oodles of Doodles Instagram page (@oodles.n.doodles) – a hilariously cynical and candid collection of doodles dedicated to the trials and tribulations of transitioning from a teen to a young adult. Phi Magazine got a chance to chat with Thea about what inspires her witty works of art and what reactions they’ve had – as well as where she plans to take her doodles in the future!

We are proud to feature her as the first in our Creator of the Month series, dedicated to showcasing up and coming student creators across the globe.

PHI: What inspires your creations?

THEA: Most of my doodles are just completely random thoughts or musings I have whilst walking down the street or sitting on public transport. I am obsessed with the Notes app on my phone and anytime anything remotely funny happens to me or I have a weird thought pop into my hand I write it down immediately on Notes. So I guess you could say all the doodles are quite personal, usually what I’m just thinking about at any given time, however they are occasionally inspired by funny of weird conversations I have with friends or stories that I am told.

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This is not an advert for Durex I swear !!!

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PHI: What kinds of reactions has your work had?

THEA: I have actually had such a lovely response to my doodles which was entirely surprising considering they started off as just little stick figures on scraps of paper! I have had people occasionally say that after looking at my doodles they feel like they understand way more of what goes on inside my brain, which is a nice thing but also mildly terrifying?! I am aware that a lot of the stuff I draw is quite personal, especially those discussing boys… but ultimately I feel that’s what makes the doodles relatable and accessible for everyone else.

PHI: Any plans for the future?

THEA: I really just want to continue producing as many doodles as possible! I find it incredibly cathartic and it allows me to vent and share my feelings on stuff which I might otherwise feel a bit stupid saying in conversation but for some reason when its on paper it becomes comedy. Something I am trying to get up and going at university is for people to buy the doodles as postcards or personalised artwork for themselves or friends. I feel the relatable nature of them could hopefully be a cool birthday card/ present. So if you want to buy a personalised drawing (which can be framed!) hit me up on @oodles.n.doodles on Instagram.

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