Left to right: Chiara Zucchelli & Ariel De La Garza Davidoff, Editors in Chief of Phi Magazine.

Phi Magazine (Φ) is a quarterly publication aimed at showcasing the creative talents of Philosophy students across the globe outside the academic realm. We know we all have much more to offer than critiques of Wittgenstein, at Φ we aim to print it. Be it photography, painting, poetry, prose, or anything in between then it can find a place in the pages of Φ. 


Φnline is our latest creation, the online companion to our quarterly print publication. Expect more non-fiction content, recurring columns, news, events and reviews. Remember to check back regularly, there will be weekly updates.

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Chiara Zucchelli founded the publication in March 2018. Since it’s founding, her and Ariel De La Garza, two King’s College London Philosophy students, have run the publication. In May 2019, Phi expanded its team to include both Content and Visual Editors as well as a social media team, you can see their friendly faces below:

our patrons

We would like to thank our generous patrons, it is with their support that we are able to keep bringing you wonderful content by our creators from across the globe: Lou Crawley, The Creative Fund, James Hattam, Natalia Kulak, Hector de la Garza Batorski, Amelia Steane, Francesco Zucchelli, Flavia Galdiolo, Gonçalo Costa, Lars Christian Geisler, Gianluca Zucchelli, Nicoletta Fossati, Lizzy Bunker, Karen Butler, and Alberto Davidoff.


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